[Xiaomi Miio] Add new air purifier model Y-600 (zhimi.airp.meb1)

Hi there HAS team.

I have just got new model of Xiaomi air purifier and i has so excited to get it thinking it would be straight forward job to add it in my HAS instance. But reality has played a trick on me and my happiness is now on the low side since my model is not supported by Xiaomi Miio integration.

I think that this should not be such a large change to adopt new model (zhimi.airp.meb1) api calls and get this to work with HAS. So this is just my humble request if you could consider adding this integration in following updates.

I have the same device , not supported yet :frowning:

Just joined the party! Hopefully the device gets supported soon.

Please add support for this device. We are glad we bought the most expensive product, but HA does not work.