Xiaomi Miio: Gateway Integration Issue


I am using Supervisor Home Assistant OS 5.13. The Xiaomi Miio integration was running well but somehow it stops working.

The error log is shown below:
Logger: homeassistant.components.xiaomi_miio.gateway Source: components/xiaomi_miio/gateway.py:47 Integration: Xiaomi Miio (documentation, issues) First occurred: 2:16:59 (2 occurrences) Last logged: 2:19:17 DeviceException during setup of xiaomi gateway with host

Since all entities from this integration became unavailable, I removed this integration and rebooted the HA.

Auto-discovery then detected this integration, I “CONFIGURE” to add it back, enter the API Token and then click “SUBMIT”

A success message prompted “Created configuration for Xiaomi Gateway”, I click “FINISH” to complete.

Somehow the integration having “Failed to setup” error

Log details, same error

Any idea? For your information the other integration “Xiaomi Aqara Gateway” is working, I can see all devices online without issues.

I prefer to use “Xiaomi Miio Gateway” instead of “Xiaomi Aqara Gateway” because although the same device, “Xiaomi Miio Gateway” provides more feature.

For example, both integrations detected Xiaomi Zigbee power plug.
By “Xiaomi Aqara Gateway” I can switch on and off the device.
By “Xiaomi Miio Gateway” I can switch on and off the device + and able to see the power load for the plug

Does anyone experience a similar issue? How do you manage to fix it?


@rytilahti, @syssi, @starkillerOG,

Can help?

Self-resolved, case closed

same problem…
Anyone? Thanks!