Xiaomi_miio integration - add gateway missing features


I am using this xiaomi_miio integration and managed to easily handle alarm control + light control on my Mi Control Hub EU (lumi.gateway.mieu01)

I would very much like to have the feature “Gateway ringtones/sounds” implemented for this integration, as listed here as possible but not yet done: https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/xiaomi_miio/#gateway-features

Indeed, this device in itself is not of much use to me (zigbee subdevices handled otherwise), I only want it as a kind of alarm system with siren --> goal is to be able to set a boolean (alarm on/off) which would trigger a sound (in case it is on and a state changes on other sensors (door for example))

Any idea if this feature is planned to come out or if it is abandoned ?

Thanks & Regards

I know it’s an old subject but I still want to achieve the same.
Does anyone has solved this ?