Xiaomi Miio - IR Remote - Pronto Codes?

I’ve got a few chuangmi.ir.v2 devices laying around,. Based on what I can see in the official integration/documentation, I can only send pronto codes with this thing, not raw codes to my AC.

I managed to get it added to my HASS (extracted the tokens etc) and when I was learning the IR remote codes using the service function, what I saw is a code like this


But according to the documentation, my version of the remote (chuangmi.ir.v2) can only send pronto codes:

For now, pronto hex codes only work on the first version (chuangmi.ir.v2).

Is there some way to either convert this raw code I have to proto code, or any other workaround to get this working? I’d even consider opening this thing up an flashing it with custom firmware if that makes it work better. My goal is to control the AC in my house, without using the slow, ad-riddled Mi Home app.

Edit - FWIW, I threw this thing out and got several relatively inexpensive ESP8266/ESP01-M from aliexpress with an integrated IR Receiver/Transmitter. Then using ESPHome, I turned it into an IR remote for my aircon, which now gives me a “climate” entity to add to the dashboard / use in automations.