Xiaomi miio IR remote simultaneous detect and send command


I have the Xiaomi IR remote set up to control a fume hood. The thing is, there is only one command for lights on/off (toggle), the same for suction. So it’s difficult to know if it’s been left on, without being in the room.

I want to have to have the actual remote hanging close by, since it’s sometimes easier. That means that the lights/suction can be turned on/off either from HASS, or via the accompanying remote.

So is it possible to have HASS (the Xiaomi remote) “listen” continuously?

If so, I could make a switch that’s on if either HASS turns on, or the Xiaomi IR remote detects the “on” signal from the accompanying remote.

Hi, any success?

No. But to be fair, I haven’t really made this a priority, so haven’t looked into it further. Do please update if you find a way, though :slight_smile: