Xiaomi Miio - Mi Smart Space Heater support

Dear Home Assistant Community,

I’ve recently bought the following Xiaomi smart heater (something really useful in this difficult period of shortage of gas in Italy and in Europe).

That product works perfectly with Xiaomi Smart App, as you can see in the following images:

So I tried to add my Mi Smart Space Heater to home assistant using the Xiaomi Miio Integration.

Since the product wasn’t auto discovered by the integration, I tried to manually add the product, following the same procedure that is popular among those who need to integrate a Roborock to home assistant.

1) First of all, I extracted the IP, Token and server used by my Xiaomi smart Heater, as you can see in the following image:

2) Then I added that device to home assistant using the manual configuration in the Xiaomi Miio Integration, but I received the following error massage: “The model of the device is not known, it’s not possible to configure the device”. Then there’s a list of product with its specific name (for example zhimi.airpurifier.mc2") but there is not my device, whose specific name is zhimi.heater.mc2a

3) So I searched in the Github documentation of Xiaomi Miio Integration and apparently it supports many many devices (lights, switches, remotes, aipurifiers, fans, plugs, humidifiers, etc, even many products that are no longer sold, at least in Italy), but strangely seems that my device (Mi Smart Space Heater or zhimi.heater.mc2a) is not included in the list.

4) I’m trying to find a walk around, but up to know I haven’t found a good solution. The only solution that up to know I see is too much intricate:

  • I should buy a hub that supports Xiaomi devices (for example an Aqara Hub) and apple HomeKit
  • then, after connecting my Xiaomi smart heater to the aquaria hub and the award hub to apple Home, I could use Apple HomeKit Bridge integration in order to import the device in home assistant.

Is there any possibility that Mi Smart Space Heater (zhimi.heater.mc2a) will be added to the Xiaomi Miio Integration (similarly to all the other Xiaomi Smart Devices)? It would be awesome, money saving and it would add a new device to that beautiful integration.
Do you have some other suggestion in order to integrate that Xiaomi smart heater to home assistant that I can try?

Thank you very much.


I would also like a native integration.
Since there is none, I kind of created a custom component for this heater.


Dear @sergio_pt,

thank you very much for your help.

In the meanwhile I found another walkoaround: I use the following alternative Xiaomi Hacs Integration, which supports a bunch of Xiaomi Devices including Xiaomi Mi Smart Space Heater


This is my configuration up to now (even though I like the card I see in the topic regarding your integration very much; that card is prettier than my configuration!):

Screenshot 2022-11-02 alle 09.05.57

Thank you very much!