Xiaomi Mijia Air Quality Tester

Is anyone familiar with this Xiaomi Mijia Air Quality Tester? Could we integrate this like that Xiaomi PM2.5 Air Quality Monitor?

Link here:

This seems to be quite inexpensive with all these measurements. I would like to measure at least CO2 and integrate to Hassio.


I am also interested on this!
If no integration was done, maybe someone can give me some guides how the new integrations are done.

Does anyone have integrated into HA. Regular system component for 2.5 detector do not work with this unit. Any help?

When I wrote: https://gadget-freakz.com/product/xiaomi-air-quality/
there was no integration. but when I published it there was:P in version 0.102 it’s adding. and it works!!

Thats good to know. I already built CO2 meter with MH-Z19 and ESP32 so i think i go with that now though. :slight_smile:

Hello, I want to build the same. Maybe you want to create a thread with your project? Would be nice to learn how to do it. How did you do battery for example?

Sorry for late reply, but you can use ESP32 version you like, then flash ESPHome and connect MH-Z19 to that.