Xiaomi mijia ble - custom atc 1441 firmware, beacon listener?

I just read the today’s announcement about new HA version and BT support. Great!

I saw there was mention of Xiaomi Mijia device support. I have used these devices for a year now, but with better custom ATC 1441 firmware. The difference being it turns into generic BT beacon mode, no need for the xiaomi key hassle. Just like Ruuvi tags.

I then use bluewalker to listen to events which is listened ny node-red from socket and sent to HA MQTT.

It works great, but it made me wonder if there is any work in HA regarding getting such beacon messages directly from BLE? I then would not need the second raspi and node-red. Of course node-red is handy for other things too, and forking data to influxdb for example. But having beacon listener in HA would be good.

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Ah, now that I clicked on my link to custom HW, I see they have added some BLE-HA format after my last check. So likely there is something cooking up. Would be great to get Ruuvi and Xiaomi devices directly from BLE adverticements.

Custom firmware support will be supported in the future. In the meantime, you can use BLE monitor. However, read the important anouncement

HA-BLE is made for BLE monitor, but will also be converted to a core HA integration in the future.

Thanks @Ernst, I am rather new with HA, and just some weeks ago set up plejd integration for bluetooth controlled lighting. Now I am a bit scared if it will get broken by this change. Or if I can use passive scanning while also using such active BT?

That can be tricky, Bluetooth dongles often dont like two different ways of communicating, casino vague errors. But the only way to find out is to try. If it doesnt work, you can buy a second Bluetooth dongle and use one for each integration. BLE monitor options allow you to choose which one you want to use.

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