Xiaomi Mijia ClearGrass (Qingping)

I’ve been trying to add this device:

Which is supported by the Mi Home app and looks very similar to the LCD model, but had no luck.
I was able to retrieve a few values from Bluetility (Mac) using its MAC Address such as:

Manufacturer Name: Qingping Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Model Number: CGG1
Hardware Revision: 0001
Firmware Version: 1.1.2_0011

But had no luck retrieving the Temperature, Humidity and Battery readings with gatttool nor with mitemp_bt platform.

Does anyone had luck getting those to report or can give me a hint?
Thank you in advance!

the guy said it works with HA without problem

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Thank you for the reply but that is not the same unit. That unit has WiFi so you can retrieve information from its IP address.
My unit is Bluetooth only so I cannot GET or POST to it, only subscribe to its channels which brings data that looks encrypted. :pensive:

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I raised a question over on the ESPHome github about whether it is supported by ESPhome.The LCD version is supported, but no-one knew if the epaper version also was.
Given both seem to be manufactured by the same company (cleargrass) you could make an assumption… :slight_smile:

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Thank you @hijinx! That’s an awesome idea!
I do not have any ESP devices here at the moment to test, but I got this tutorial that might be useful:


I also do not have any Android device in order to test it, but I am asking my friends and trying to get one. Perhaps it can work that way.

let me know how this goes as I just got one of these and would like to get it working in HA

I have LCD model working on ESPhome and HomeAssistant, but this e-ink does not work.
This guy tried but with no luck:

Hope that someone decodes also this one, it’s screen is WAY better than LCD version.

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Hey guys! I got the readings with a Node.js app I wrote.
I just dont know how to write the HA component for it. On Monday I’ll be back home and upload the code to Github so you guys can check.

There you go, guys. Just have to change your MAC Address and it should be good to go.
Now, if someone knows how to turn that into a HA working script, that would be awesome.

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Thanks for sharing. Good YT vid

Thanks for sharing this. Seems relatively simple code.
I hope this can translated to C and be adopted into esphome.
Seems it was already raised as an enhancement request for esphome

OpenMqttGateway has already support for this devices…

That is great to know but unfortunately that involves adding a new BT device such as a Arduino or ESP8266 in order for it to work.
The main goal is to have it reporting directly to HA, since most of us running on Raspberry Pi have bluetooth capabilities.
I am actually quite surprised no one wrote the component until now. I provided the whole code working. :frowning:

would be nice to have direct support

I created two PoC scripts for getting data from these new Xiaomi sensors:

But, I don’t know (yet), how can I easily integrate into Home Assistant. I think I will check the mitemp_bt module for the base, but not now.

So, feel free hacking! :wink:

This PR adds support for this device into ESPHome, it’s been merged a few days ago :wink: https://github.com/esphome/esphome/pull/664
[edit: I was wrong as pointed out by @1technophile , this PR adds support for the eInk display Clock with temperature/humidity sensor, and not the Cleargrass round eInk sensor.]

This PR add support for LYWSD02 ; the clock with temperature and humidity, not for cleargrass which is providing temperature and humidity only. Cleargrass can be seen as an improved version of Mi Jia with a smaller temperature range.

Thanks for the clarification! I wish that the Xiaomi Ecosystem’s device naming convention would be as good and straightforward as their products are! :slight_smile:


I registered 2 new feature request to HA:

Feel free to vote these up :wink:

Here you go