Xiaomi Mijia PTX Switch

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I have a purchased a Xiaomi Mijia 3 Gang Wall Smart Switch (WIFI Version) - PTX Switch. However, I have not been able to find any information about adding this to HA.

After some research, I found that there is a library (itpansic/python-miio) that controls this swtich. https://github.com/itpansic/python-miio/blob/4717a176d3dd2dbb4fd28de1eb445f74adf574ec/miio/ptxswitch.py

Can anyone point me in the right direction on adding this switch to HA.


I’m interested as well.

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And I’m very interested.

Anyone of you have figured out this? Thanks in advance.

And I’m very interested.

I tired of waiting when somebody do it and I did it myself.
I have only 1 key switch and tested only it.
You can try to use my component xiaomi_mijia_ptx

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Tested with 3 keys switch.