Xiaomi mijia Temp/Humidity identified correctly?

Hey all, I finally got my order of Xiaomi mijia Temperature Humidity Sensor from aliexpress today. Long 5 weeks…

Anyway, I have been reading a lot about these sensors, and it seems I don’t need to have a Xiaomi hub or gateway product - as long as I have a zigbee ZHA, which I do. I was able to put the sensor in pairing mode and HA was able to see it - or at least see the the things that it knows about: temp, humidity, and battery.

My question is - it identified it as a "LUMI"device… not xiaomi. Does this look accurate:

`Device info
Zigbee Coordinator

Zigbee info

IEEE: 00:15:8d:00:03:58:xx:xx
Nwk: 0x9132
Device Type: EndDevice
LQI: 255
RSSI: -57
Last Seen: 2020-08-08T16:37:28
Power Source: Battery or Unknown
Quirk: zhaquirks.xiaomi.mija.sensor_ht.Weather
Coming from ST, I know some devices need a device handler or such to function properly. Is anything like that needed for HA - other than having an official Xiaomi hub/gateway product?

On zigbee2mqtt, they are identified as LUMI too.