XIAOMI MJSXJ02H isa.camera.hlc6 - anyone did sucesfull integration?


Recently I decide to move to HA from Xiaomi native MI Home application to be independent form broken internet connection. All my devices works, locally via LAN :smiley:
One thing left: cameras.
I have 5 cameras as in topic, with SW version 4.0.9_142.

Question is: did anyone successful integration And how?
I read a lot topics about firmware change - I;m aware what it mean, but still I don;t know how well it will be working. Also before I broke my camera, I want to get your experience feedback :slight_smile:
cameras can still be dependent from Xiaomi cloud, doesn’t need have local access and stream…

What i found already:


Some server

I have HA on Virtualbox xUBUNTU VM, i don;t know if it will work…

I tried MIotAut, Mioo. integration - and it worked couple minutes, probably again some security in Xiaomi cloud

Any other ways?
I want to make it easier as possible, 5sec delayed stream will be no problem, as I use those camera to check what kids do on garden :smiley:
As my wife doesn’t like any “smart” light etc. at home, keeping working camera in MI Home app will be also welcome…

before I broke camera I want to check, what possibilities are, and how you achieve that.

Thank in advance,