Xiaomi Mop 2 Pro Vaccum


HA have Xiaomi integration with variuos vaccum model, but no integration with:

NAME: Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 Pro
MODEL: ijai.vacuum.v3

Maybe somebody know how to integrate to HA ?

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Did you find a solution? I have same product

I Find a solution


Unfortunately is not compatible with mop 2 pro

It does integrate with the basic Xiaomi integration, but it only has basic functionalities. I would need the function to be able to send it to a specific room, and/or select cleaning mode (I mean vacuuming, mopping or both).

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Thank you! This do the trick :wink:

Please consider this integration available on HACS: GitHub - Tasshack/dreame-vacuum: Home Assistant integration for Dreame Gen2 Lidar robot vacuums with map support

For Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 Pro, the model is dreame.vacuum.p2150a

The integration is full of features!


Hi! Thanks for your message.
I tried to install the integration you suggest but during the installation it tells me that there are no compatible devices in the cloud (my vacuum is Xiaomi Vaccum-mop 2 pro). What can i do?

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Support for VSLAM robots will be added soon. Please follow the related issue about this on the repo.

Same here, only start/stop, return to charging station works. No sign of zone cleaning

Did You fix the issue and successfully add device to homeassistant ? Because during installation also tells me that i have no compatibile devices in the cloud.

Hi all. Bought the vacuum “for my wife” hoping it will be done before I got it. Not yet :jack_o_lantern:

Thank you for all the hard work.

Today i got my new 2 Pro Vacuum.
I tried the miio Integration and the dreame Integration, but both doesn’t support the model.

Is there a Chance or Timeline when the vacuum will be supported?