Xiaomi motion sensor appearing with no state

Hello all -

This is puzzling me a bit: I have just added a couple of Xiaomi motion sensors and they appear just fine in deConz/Phoscon, and show motion, light levels etc as expected.

And they appear in HA too, but as ‘unavailable’, without any state or attribute values. I would have assumed this meant ‘out of range’, if deConz wasn’t working OK. Is there some magic I have to do to get HA to pull in their values?

Thanks in advance!

Do you use a hassio addon for deconz? Which one?

Just the official one from the add-on store - is there a better one?

Yes, the “official” one isn’t that good. Use the one from @marthocoo.

They should be the same. They’re both based on marthocs

Are you sure? I can’t see any reference to this…

Well I’ve installed a few Hassio instanceses for my friends and I’ve had way better succes with Marthoc’s addon then with the default one.

They certainly come up with different version numbers, and, yes, the marthocoo one works! Thanks!

I should know by now - that’s about the third or fourth time I’ve had problems with official components or add-ons and have fixed it by installing community ones. (Often after a substantial amount of work removing old details from .storage, changing configuration, etc).

The docs for new Hassio users need to be a bit clearer about ‘don’t assume that the official ones are best’

Thanks for your help, anyway!

@pvizeli seems to be a big difference between hassio official addon and marthoc deconz addon