Xiaomi Motion Sensor Illumination Value

How often does the Xiaomi Motion sensor update the Illumination value? I am using it to check cloud cover to switch on/off devices on solar system. Secondly for some reason the state history for this specific sensor is no more available. Is there a way I can get that back? Thank you in advance.

Bbasically, once an hour or every 2/3 minutes or so if there is motion

There are actually to xiaomi motion sensors - one reports lux, the other reports lumens.

re state info - what do you see? this is mine, on lovelace:


@walaj do you know of any other sensor which will share data more frequently? As for the state info, one sensor shows the graph and other doesn’t. I have taken screenshot of both.


I only have experience with the xiaomi sensors.

Not sure why there is no history - sorry

Could be a broken database file.

@walaj thank you for trying :slight_smile:
@nickrout any idea how to fix it?

If you don’t mind losing your history stop home assistant, delete the database file, restart home assistant.

or purge and rebuild

I am trying to use the embedded illumination sensor of the Xiaomi gateway but no luck.
It reports 992lm since it was discovered after the configuration of the Xiaomi Gateway.
I tried several reboot of Hassio, but it does not change anything.
Has anyone seen this issue before ?
Thank you

Mine is on 992 most of the daytime. Have you tried depriving it of light (like waiting for night time, or throwing a blanket over it?)

It actually dropped to ~50/60 lm during night time, but many hours after it was dark.
During daytime, I placed a cardboard box around it but the illumation value never changed.
I have a similar issue with my aqara water leak sensor (connected to the gateway): despite many tests during the weekend, it shows a “wet” state only once.
Do you have such update rate problems with your sensor/gateway ? Mine is also often reported as unavailable.

Do you noticed that Xiaomi Aquara Motion sensor Light Level max value is limited.

I got on 3 mine different limitations: 1000, 921, 697 lux.

Red and green are placed at this same place, the green one is Philips Hue:

Just chiming in here. I have been using two of these Aqara sensors for about a year. They measure Lux well for me with out any issues.

I just installed two new ones which must be manufactured differently because they both max out at 1000 lux even in moderate indoor daylight conditions (not direct sunlight). Once the room gets darker and the reading goes below 1000, I get more frequent updates. So it seems that the more the lux readings change, the more frequent the updates occur. It seems that the new sensors are too sensitive and over saturate. Perhaps the new sensors are not suited well to the bright sunshine we have in Australia.

The older Aqara sensors never seem to max out at 1000 under the same conditions.

Perhaps I need to put another layer of film over the sensor windows of the new sensors.

I’m finding the same: 1000lux max. And the change from sub-100 to 1000 happens over a very short period, making it no more valuable than the built-in sun elevation sensor.

just for reference, I have

  • sensor_motion.aq2 - measures in Lux, goes to at least 457lx
  • motion - no luminance sensor
  • gateway - measures in Lumens - maxes out at 1000lm