Xiaomi Motion Sensor Illumination Value

How often does the Xiaomi Motion sensor update the Illumination value? I am using it to check cloud cover to switch on/off devices on solar system. Secondly for some reason the state history for this specific sensor is no more available. Is there a way I can get that back? Thank you in advance.

Bbasically, once an hour or every 2/3 minutes or so if there is motion

There are actually to xiaomi motion sensors - one reports lux, the other reports lumens.

re state info - what do you see? this is mine, on lovelace:


@walaj do you know of any other sensor which will share data more frequently? As for the state info, one sensor shows the graph and other doesn’t. I have taken screenshot of both.


I only have experience with the xiaomi sensors.

Not sure why there is no history - sorry

Could be a broken database file.

@walaj thank you for trying :slight_smile:
@nickrout any idea how to fix it?

If you don’t mind losing your history stop home assistant, delete the database file, restart home assistant.

or purge and rebuild