Xiaomi motion sensor "no motion since" attribute is 0, however it shouldn't

Hello there
I am using HA for almost 2 years, and the number of sensors have grown. HA is amanzing, keep up the good work.

I am however struggling with the Motion Sensors from Xiaomi. Most of the times, the “No motion since attribute” is 0, although there was no motion detected (and reported by the sensor in the history tab).


Since this attribute is 0, a template like this won’t work:
{{ states.binary_sensor.pomi_motion_sensor.attributes[‘No motion since’] | int > 300 }}

Out of the 3 integrated sensors, 2 present this behavior , and one works quite ok (No motion since attribute remains at maximum 1800s) when no movement.
It’s not a detection issue, as in the history log there is no motion reported.

Anybody experienced this ?

Thanks in advance.

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