Xiaomi philips smart led e14 bulb


I saw that recently, xioami took on market new smart wifi e14 leb bulb in two colours.

xiaomi e14 smart bulb

Can someone tell me if have it and checked if works with HA?


I can’t confirm but the python library Xiaomi Philips Component uses supports these bulbs. It should work. Did you end up buying these bulbs?

By the documentation, it looks like being supported in the latest HA version.


I didn’t buy it already, but i think soon i will buy one or two to test it.

But as @syssi told me, is probably will work. I think that him purchase for 1 to test it…, maybe he can tell us something about this product.

Well i made a purchase about 2 xiaomi smart e14 bulb crystal version. I will tell in 2-3 weeks when i will receive how they work. I found a good offer in aliexpress:


My E14 bulb arrived already. I will provide some feedback soon!

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The Candle Light works fine. The white and transparent version has different model names (philips.light.candle vs philips.light.candle2). I was just aware of one of the names. This PR introduces the new one: