Xiaomi Power socket/plug ZNCZ02LM led blinking

Hi, I am new here.

I’ve got Xiaomi Power socket/plug ( ZNCZ02LM) and I have connect it to a washing machine (it consumes less than 10amp/2500watts). Occasionally, the plug disconnects the electricity and the led starts to blink fast in red color. I then need to press the power button on the top of the plug to reconnect the electricity.

Has anyone had similar issue before? Does it to do with power consumption?

Home Assistant 0.103.0 (no MQTT setup)
Conbee II

Just for anyone who stumbles across this issue (like me)

This means the plug has overheated.

So meaning it cannot handle the load I guess. although it says up to 2000w, my washing machine may be using more?!

Perhaps during it’s most intensive part of the cycle it peaks above 2kW? Without some experimentation I couldn’t say, but that seems reasonable.

In the middle of the day the voltage is higher, and if you have solar panels, it is higher again. My home voltage is about 253V in the middle of the day and 237 at night.

A washing machine heating water will use 10A. This is 2300W at 230V, but 2530W at 253V.

If I do the washing in the middle of the day, it will trip the xiaomi socket. I am not sure what other sockets that can measure consumption allow 2600W, if any. Any ideas?