Xiaomi Roborock NEW UPDATE

So Xiaomi have had a firmware update for ther roborock and it now allows you to save your map and add no-go zones.

Is it possible to integrate this with HA and use it as a live map when the roborock is cleaning?



Also interested in having these features! Since vacuum.xiaomi_clean_zone is added, I would hope it shouldn’t be too complicated to implement adjusting the no-go zones as well? This would be very useful for me, especially since the zoned cleaning is limited to 5 zones.

As far as I understand from other discussions, getting the map is possible if the vacuum is rooted. However, I believe it is possible to retrieve the map from the Xiaomi account? Similar to what the Flolevac app does?

How can get parameters of my zone ? i have created map with the xiaomi app but flolevac don’t see.
my roborock version is S6 and connected to europe server.

thanks paolo

i have the same problem… did you resolve this?

Hello there, I bought a xiaomi roborock S6 version
and also i can’t acquire the map from flolevac, but from mi-home app is still possible. But I would like set the coordinates onto the house map to automatize in homeassistant. Any news about Flolevac ?

You can try this lovelace plugin to add zone cleanup from web Xiaomi Vacuum Interactive Map Card

Nizm0, thanks you very much for your answer :slight_smile: From procedure you
have attached i don’t understand this calibration metod:
How do you send the robot to the desired point and retrieve the coordinates? (Flolevac app doesn’t work)

This is the map that i have grill

You can use Home Assistant service to send vacuum to demand location and verify where your vacuum will go. Good example is in GitHub page i Defining service and Hints