Xiaomi / RoboRock s50 more sensor information


Thank you for all the work. It was actually quite easy to integrate my RoboRock S50 into Hassio. (Getting the token was a bit of a pain…)

Would it be possible to get more sensor data from the vacuum?
The first things that come to mind, is when the dust bin has been removed/put back in And, when there is an error, what is the actual error. My vacuum.state in HA said, error, the Mi app on my phone said, the main brush was jammed.

Thank you

look at … {{ states.vacuum.name_of_vacuum.attributes.error }} to get the detailed error message.

That error will include a dust bin message when you attempt to start the vacuum without the dust bin installed. However, when the vacuum is paused, “errors” are not really errors, so they are not reported. I guess you could try to take the dust bin out while it was actually vacuuming… lol.

Thank you @swiftlyfalling.

That gives me the errors which is great. But is there no way to get the status of the dust bin? My plan is to have HA create create an alert after each use reminding me to empty the dustbin. The dust bin being removed and put back in would clear the alert.

Thank you again.


I’m also interested in this.

So long I get a reminder via telegram to empty the dustbin after coming home if the Roborock has cleaned the floor. After doing it, I set a variable using inline keyboard in telegram that it has been emptied to don’t get a reminder after the next time coming home on the same day.

Next step is to install a Xiaomi Aqara vibration sensor on the top of the Roborock, which then detects opening of the lid :smiley:


That’s by far the best use anyone could have ever thought for that sensor. Reading the inclination degrees as a way to mark that you’ve cleaned up the dustbin. :ok_hand:t2:

Hehe thanks. It was just a quick thought during lunch break today :smiley: But I hope it doesn’t interfere the laser sensor.

That same sensor is also useful for dishwashers though. (Srry off topic).

I am going to order a roborock soon, is it any good? And is HA integration any good?

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If your floor is completely flat or with small bumps it is the best robot vacuum for your money. Between Xiaomi Vacuum (1st gen) and Roborock (2nd) gen there’s a slightly higher clearance and the new mopping feature (which I find useless).
Supposedly gen 1 had some reliability issues, well I’ve had mine for quite a long time maybe about almost 2 years (nearly 400 hours of running time) and still running like new.
As for HA integration you just need the token, this might be a bit tricky to get sometimes, I’d advice to check the instructions first.
Basically you can use the zone cleaning, spot cleaning, find me feature, start/stop/pause, set the fan speed, get the live maps of the current cleaning, get the current state (cleaning, docked, stuck, etc), battery charge, all the time left for all the sensors or parts before requiring maintenance (main brush, side brush, filter, sensor cleaning, etc) and also some other info like total runtime, total square meters cleaned, number of cleanups, do not disturb time and state, last cleanup start/finish time.
The navigation is about one of the best if not the best in the market, the cleaning pattern is logical and not random patterns like most vacuums, it will go to every corner in your house, it won’t miss a spot. The suction power is average but good enough for most people, if you have pets or kids and your floor is always littered with large debris or tons of it, get a different robot vacuum that’s about my only advice.

How do you get the current live map? I’ve been unable to find that feature/command outside of the Mi Home and FloleVac Apps.

Check this thread:

Ah… that was the key. It has to be rooted. I was wondering how you got it without rooting. Make sense.

The FloleVac app can access the map, but it uses the Xiaomi Cloud API to get it.

Short update: my aqara motion sensor arrived yesterday and it really works nice using the “angle_y” value. Unfortunately the states itself are reporting “unknown” shortly after opening the lid.

I think I’ve read a post in another thread about Xiaomi vacuum of someone using this sensor. If you want to put it on the top, you are in the LOS of the laser.

In my case it is not affecting the LDS navigation. I’ve put it as far away from the LDS sensor as possible. I also made a testrun with an Aqara Cube first before purchasing the motion sensor.

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Interesting your feedback. Which model of vacuum do you have?

It’s an Roborock S50. Here a pic of where I placed the sensor:

So now that you have been running this setup for a few days, any recommendations?
I am also thinking of one of these sensors for my top load washing machine.
Are they bluetoothe? 433 Mhz?

For a washing machine it is not sensitive enough. It’s a Zigbee sensor.

That may mess up the LDS, since it will always be covering part of it.

It may, but it doesn’t. Everything still works flawless without any problems.