Xiaomi Roborock S50 or S55 - Whats the difference?


I’m about to order a Xiaomi Roborock unit, but I just can’t figure out the naming and which one to choose.
First I found the one named Roborock S50, but then I do see some other site calls it Xiaomi Roborock 2.
On top of that I do also see the name Roborock S55, but on most sites it seems to be the same price as the S50?

Heeeeeeeeeeeelp - what’s the difference?

Nevermind - finally I found the document I was looking for :slight_smile:

Sorry :blush:

Which one did you buy finally?

I bought the s55. It just means it is black instead of white s50.

And does it integrate with HA? Can we avoid the xiaomi app and define everything within homeassistant, zones, etc?

I don’t know for sure. Mine is first linked with the Xiaomi app, to get the key. But afterwards all interactions are done within HA.

It’s all in the docs