Xiaomi smart health pot (mysh0e1acm) support

Hi all! Is anyone aware of an existing integration or some projects in development to provide support to one of Xiaomi Home Intelligent Multi-Function Health Pot (aka mysh0e1acm)?

This one looks promising to a noob like me, because it’s:
a) WiFi, and not Bluetooth;
b) Works under Mi Home app, and
c) Has a token that can be retrieved, similar to other Mi ecosystem products that have been integrated into Home Assistant.

Mi Home allows to remotely turn the program on (including boiling), set a schedule etc, but does not allow the kettle to be used as Action in automations - only as an Event (you can create an automation allowing something else to be triggered by the end of the Kettle’s programme. For example, blink a light when the water is boiled, etc.

I’d love to have it integrated into HA, but couldn’t find any info.

Here’s the link to the device on Aliexpress: https://aliexpress.ru/item/1005003462874362.html?sku_id=12000025898103475&spm=a2g2w.productlist.search_results.8.6f5a4aa6uqu3EC

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also interested in device

found MJYSH01YM in hacs, but MYSH0E1ACM is also required as well