Xiaomi Smart Pet Food Feeder

HI all!

Quite newbie to HA, I’ve integrated the Xiaomi Smart Pet Food Feeder via HACS Xiaomi miot.

I’d like to:

1/ build an automatic feeding scheduler just like it’s possible in the Xiaomi Home app as shown on the printscreen below:

2/ historize in HA the amount / portions of food it was given in a dashboard.

Here are the attributes for some related entities:

And here are the spec:

Could someone help me to figure out how to achieve this in HA?

Thanks in advance!

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Best I could come up with is to create a script that repeats 10 times, waiting 5 seconds in between repeats. without the 5 second delay only 1 portion is dispensed.

alias: Feed the cats
  - repeat:
      count: "10"
        - service: switch.turn_on
          data: {}
            entity_id: switch.mmgg_fi1_1ff7_feeding_measure
        - delay:
            hours: 0
            minutes: 0
            seconds: 5
            milliseconds: 0
mode: single
icon: mdi:cat

I also have a Xiaomi “smart food feeder” distributor
can you help me integrate it into HA?
I installed “xiaomi miot auto” but when I select my distributor, it gives me an error and offers me connected sockets.
I specify that I must put zone DE otherwise in zone CN it does not work?

can you tell me if you can control the distributor with HA?
Thank you very much for your help.

Hi everyone !
I come back here because I answer myself.
I finally managed to integrate my device.
If it helps anyone else, here’s what to do:

In settings and services, “install XIAOMI MIOT AUTO”
Download the software “Get Mi Home devices token” on a PC and with your Mi account retrieve the IP and token of your device.
Back on HA, open XIAOMI MIOT AUTO and select “Add device using host/token” (this is where I missed a few things)
And here I finally have my “mmgg.feeder.fi1” to be able to control on HA.

For automation, I then simply find “button.mmgg_fi1_a65f_pet_food_out”

  • Create a scenario that triggers this button (which corresponds to 1 dose)
  • If several doses are needed, create a scenario with several triggers (put a tempo between each of one second)
    And here is the door is open to a lot of connectivity.
    I was even able to add it to my IOS to ask Siri to feed my cat.
    It’s very cool
    Good installation to you.

Hi @Paps42

Glad you figure it out!

Thanks for your feedback and advice!

And super easy to integrate it into iOS via Homekit.

Did you already tried too screw it open and see if it has an esp32?

@DennisCT @Paps42 @Douki There is a service for this:

  - service: xiaomi_miot.call_action
      entity_id: sensor.dry_feeder_pet_feeder
      siid: 2
      aiid: 1
      params: 25

In this case, 25 portions are dispensed.
Sensor is the main entity, whatever you call it.

What I haven’t managed to do so far is to display how many portions there actually were, i.e. what you can also see in the app.

However, another problem that is not relevant to Home Assistant is:

At the beginning when I had the device new, it was the case that if the resistance from the dispensing wheel was too great, it turned the other way round to release the possible blockage. Now it no longer does this, but continues to turn at will, so that it pushes up the feed compartment lid. I have no idea why this is happening now. However, I can faintly remember a firmware update. Has anyone experienced anything similar?