Xiaomi Smart Wireless Switch delay

Hi there, I have a few of the Xiaomi Smart Wireless Switch (gen1 I think - they’re round) that I was originally just using with the MiHome app to control a few Yeelights I had.

I decided to try and get them to control a LIFX light that I was given and so I turned to HomeAssistant.

I think the issue is with the time between polling of events for the switches.

I do see the last event in the HA dashboard for the switches, but they don’t seem to update for almost 10-15 minutes which isn’t particularly useful for a switch.

Is there any thing I’m missing in the Xiaomi Gateway (Aqara) configuration that would make this time less?

my configuration.yaml looks like this

discovery_retry: 5

I’m not certain what logs to look out for as the xiaomi gateway is responding it just doesn’t seem to be updating very often.

My automation is pretty straight forward:
platform: event
event_type: click
entity_id: binary_sensor.switch_xxxxxxxxx
click_type: single
service: light.toggle
entity_id: light.bedroom_lamp

It seems to work immediately if triggered from the HA dashboard. Any advice or suggestions?

The Aqara Gateway + ZigBee devices doesn’t use polling. All events are delivered immediately by a multicast message.

hmm well I have no idea what’s going on then. is there any command I can run from to query the switch (or the gateway) to see if there are any errors?

One other odd thing is that the version on my HomeAssistant gui is stating 0.63.2

but if I runn hass --version it shows 0.67.1

I’ve restarted the HA service after running pip3 install --upgrade homeassistant