Xiaomi switch

I can’t see and, therefore, configure the xiaomi switches via homekit.
Do you have any solution?

do you have a xiaomi hub? it doesn’t support homekit.

the newer aqara specific one does - lost track if this is supported in HA though.

yes i have xiaomi gateway. and the switch not appear in HA

so assuming you mean the xiaomi gateway, and have it added to configuration.yaml, do you get the light on the gateway showing as a device (light.gateway_light_ ?

yes xiaomi gateway, but the switch not appear in HA

check list
gateway light shows in HA (thus it is known and connected) - and you can turn the light on the gateway on and off (communication is working)

Have you correctly added the switch in the Xiaomi app? OR called the xiaomi_aqara.add_device service and paired the switch manually?

IF you have paired the switch with the hub, do you get some chinese speech from the hub when you press the pair button on the switch? if you dont, the device is either too far from the hub, or not correctly paired.

I’m talking about this kind of switch

yup - the mijia smart switch - I have one.

Have you run through my suggested checklist above?

yes my gateway light appear

yes i have correctly added the switch in the Xiaomi app

is correctly paired.

in that case, I have no idea - at this point I would consider restarting HA if you haven’t already.

In my case new xiaomi devices appear automatically (although wiuth lovelace, you do need to check the unused entities page, or developer tools

There’s a problem with HomeKit that not show Switch xiaomi on home by apple