Xiaomi Temperature & Humidity Sensor Poll Time

@abmantis did you give it a try?

Take a look at this:

That is a visual issue only (and I don’t think the complaint on that thread is an issue). Your suggestion does not request new values from the hardware, it only “updates” the entity with the same old value.

No I have not tried it, but I’m pretty sure it won’t do anything.

I just made a suggestion… tried it myself and doesn’t work. It looks like I get even less values in the In the mi app as in HA for some reason.

I use the Temp / Humidity sensors all over the house, especially in the bath / shower rooms, where if they humidity hits a certain value it turns on a sonoff switch that operates the extractor fan.

Im not sure what the update frequency is, but its mins not hours, actually quite responsive.

Could you still tell where to add the force_update setting?

I really don’t think the force_update feature would work for this device. I had Xiaomi temp sensors hooked up to SmartThings before getting the native hub and the behavior was exactly the same with no way to manually setup an interval. The sensors themselves don’t send their state to the gateway unless there is a significant change (I think 1/2 degree was mentioned). You can’t force the hub to update information it’s not receiving from the device. I think the only way to change this would be if someone cracked the firmware and we were able to upload our own remix.

I’m simply amazed at how many times I’ve asked a straightforward question but it cannot be answered.


It’s a community driven project. There is no full time support team but just users helping other users. I’m sorry to hear you have different expectations.

I think there is enough explanation in this topic already why force_update will not work.

Ok, I have no expectations of “support” and I’ve gone far and away on my own in these very same forums to help others. This is a conversation, and I understand what a “forum” is, I have used the internet before today.

I am frustrated because I have asked the simple question “where do I set this configuration option?”. Multiple people here understand my question, but rather than answer it, I am told that it won’t work or that I am pointed to a developer doc. I have asked the same question a few times, checked the config docs and no reference, and even clarified “is it here or there etc”. I understand that this is an unusual config setting that is not normally used. I am not lazy and I’m trying to ask the right questions.

It seems that nobody will answer a straight question (maybe with a simple example in a perfect world).

My frustration is because the actual answer to further this conversation is avoided, over and over, by (what seems like) fellow community members who know the answer, but seem unwilling to give it.

I have not asked if it will work, I read the dev docs and it got me no closer to the question:

where do I put the force_update config option

Can someone tell me how long your battery lasts?
I got my aqara sensor yesterday and it already drained 15%. With 15% every day, I have to change the battery every week

The temperature sensor?

I’ve not needed to change any of mine since I got them ~5 months ago.

Thanks for your reply. Maybe its a cheap battery. I hope it’s getting better with a new one.

How are you determining that it has drained 15%?

It shows the battery level in the web gui. When i first set up the sensor on saturday evening, it was at around 70%. Now its on 47%

There have been people reporting the same, even drops to 1% and a couple of days later is was 98%… I think @eBoon did a test with a brand new battery which had the same ‘level’ as one which has been used for several months (right?). The reported battery level doesn’t seem to be very reliable.

Yes - there has been some Xiaomi battery level discussion here. This was based on what the Xiaomi devices are showing in HASS from the States view.

I’m sorry that I wasn’t clear: I do not know the answer about where to put the ‘force_update’ either. Like you, I tried in vain to find out and decided it must be an urban legend. I just wanted to share my experience with the sensors on another platform which demonstrated that even if you know where to put that code, it wouldn’t change the behavior.

Hey that’s cool, we’re all trying to help.

To give you closure, given the fact that other things like “hidden” are in those docs, I’d wager that force_update: true goes in a customise: entry for that entity_id.

Just another shot question, is it possible to calibrate the sensor or to add a offset?
I checked the values with a hygrometer, but they vary between 5-8%.