Xiaomi Temperature sensor in Homekit

I’m trying to show the values of the Xiaomi temperature sensor (Temperature, Humidity and Pressure) in HomeKit.

I use the zigbee2mqtt bridge to connect the Xiaomi devices to my home assistant. All of the values of the temperature sensor are visible and updated.

The HomeKit does support temperature and humidity sensors, so I want to show them.
The humidity value is coming through and is visible, the temperature value doesnt!

I have no idea why the temperature sensor does not show up, the only reason I can think of is the decimal notation (dot vs comma). My HomeKit is showing 0,0 and the temperature value in HA is (for example) 19.12.

Does anyone recognize this problem and can help me?

Hello Nomos25,

You should check the HA log, I have been got the common issue when I using Xiaomi Air Purifier 2S and want to show the temperature on the Home app via the homekit, it still shows 0.0 and humidity are working well.

So, I check the HA log, it shows my temperature unit has the error and fail to send it to homekit.
When I change the unit, It solved.

Hello yylemon,

I don’t really know what i have done but the temperature is coming through.

Thanks for your answer!