Xiaomi Temperature Sensor not working anymore

I have three Xiaomi Temperature Sensors zhaquirks.xiaomi.mija.sensor_ht.Weather. However, two of them keep having problems while (re)adding them to HA. I read they are a little complicated - but how in general to handle connection / interview problems? I was never able to see a log of whats happening / going wrong.
I attached a screenshot where it is failing.

Thanks in advance!
2023-12-19 15_01_56-Einstellungen – Home Assistant

See the ZHA integration documentation:




Also read and follow:




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Thanks very much! This cleared already a lot for me.
One question stays open: How to get a good-to-understand output log while trying to pair a new device?

Setup of debug logging is one thing → https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/zha#debug-logging (generally you just enable debug-logging that then try to reproduce the problem before saving/collecting the debug logs which can then be analyzed).

But reading debug logs is a different thing that is not covered in ZHA integration documentation because it is written for end-users and not developers, as such it only has information on how to report an issue once you collected the logs → https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/zha#reporting-issues

New ZHA issues themselves should then be posted to Home Assistant’s core repository on GitHub → https://github.com/home-assistant/core/issues

FYI, more information about what is in the debug logs is also partially indirectly covered when choose to submit a new “Bug report” and/or “Device support request” to ZHA Device Handers repository here → Issues · zigpy/zha-device-handlers · GitHub (which in turn is only mentioned in ZHA inegration documentation here → https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/zha#how-to-add-support-for-new-and-unsupported-devices)

Note that best practices regarding avoiding EMF/EMI/RMI interference and making sure that enough good Zigbee Router devices should be done before reporting an issue so not to spam the developers with problems that could be avoided by following the best practices.

PS: Remember that Home Assistant is a free and open-source project that is primarily being developed and supported by volunteers as a hobby in their spare time (which is why following best practices before reporting issues is respecting their time and effort, as they could instead be spending time developing new features and functions or improving the code in other ways).

Thanks @Hedda . Be sure I don’t want to spam developers, just to understand Zigbee and the HA implementation better to debug it, as me myself are a developer :wink:

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@DeckardCain2014 If you are a developer yourself who are interested in contributing to the development of ZHA component and its dependencies then you are probably better off asking about debugging tips directly from the lead ZHA developers (e.i. puddly, dmulcahey, Adminiuga, and TheJulianJES) on Home Assistant’s Discord Chat Server + post new questions to the zigpy project discussions → https://github.com/zigpy/zigpy/discussions (by the way, would be great if you consider posting a summary guide about basic ZHA debugging as is something many others have also asked for as missing from both ZHA integration documentation and the readme for ZHA Device Handlers :wink: ). …anyway, they practically never post here in this Home Assistant community forum