Xiaomi vibration sensor not behaving well

I have some xiaomi aqara vibration sensors, but can’t make them do what I want!
I use deConz, and the device battery is at 95%.
They’re visible in HA and seem fine, but:

  1. The vibration strength is updated very rarely. E.g. I’d assume it should be 0 when the device is stationary. It’s not. Sometimes it’s updated when I tap on the device, sometimes not.
  2. The temperature is off by a lot, and is updated very rarely. Right now it says that it’s 30 degrees in my home office, but other temp sensors says 21.
  3. The orientation: When the device is on a table, it’s [2, 1, 88] almost all the time. Isn’t it supposed to change when I rotate it?

The vibration sensor on/off and the tiltangle seem to work fine.

Are there any configuration parameters that I can set for this device? I know of the sensitivity setting, which seems to work.
Is it possible to configure devices from the deConz/phoscon gui?

In my experience Aqara vibration sensors are very unreliable regardless of sensitivity setting. Sometimes I have to bang on it to trigger, sometimes it reacts when someone just walks nearby. As far as I understand, it transmits relative orientation, i.e. how much it was moved from previous position. The only reliable sensor there is tilt. I gave up on it, have one on a cat food box to log if the cat has been fed and on a sliding wardrobe door to turn the lights (in combination with motion sensor, otherwise too many false positives).