Xiaomi Viomi V3 unavailable (correct token)

I have configured a Viomi V3 robot vacuum via Mi Home app, but it shows as unavailable in Home Assistant. I know that the token is correct. I have connected it to the European server (DE) and am thinking it might be the problem?



  - platform: xiaomi_miio
    token: '30754130774XXXXXXXX26869744652'
    name: Stofzuiger

Token is in quotes because it is a full integer token. Can this be the problem? In other examples it has a number/character token. Some numbers are replaced with XXX for obvious reasons.

Any help is much appreciated!

In the end it turns out the VIOMI vacuum doesn’t work with the official integration.
However, there is a HACS integration that works: Viomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner SE (V-RVCLM21A). Big thanks to the developer.

Just wanted to share this solution.