Xiaomi Walkingpad

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I couldn’t find anything related to adding (or generally controlling) the Xiaomi Walkingpad in HA. I have one and it has an Android app called “Walkingpad” that seems to communicate with it through bluetooth.

While going through the training for it with the app, it seemed to have a lot of control over the device, such as: setting / getting the speed, knowing on which parts of it i’m walking / running (front / middle / back), changing state (auto / manual), time spent on it, etc.

I can think of numerous ways to integrate this with custom voice commands, etc. I have HA installed on a RPI 3 B+ which (afaik) supports bluetooth too.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve realised that I can use an RF blaster to replicate the remote’s functionality, I would of still really like it working through BT to also get data from the treadmill…

I used a Broadlink RM Pro+ to send RF commands to the Walking Pad, this gives me control over it which is ok for now, hopefully someone will make a BT implementation for this in the future…

I’d like to be able to integrate it into ha