Xiaomi Whale Spout / Wash wifi smart bidet

This is a ‘smart’ electronic wifi-enabled bidet toilet seat by Xiaomi. Details are scarce and I’ve been unable to find a detailed official product page on xiaomi’s sites, mostly just information from retail pages (which you can do a quick google for, not sure I should link).

It integrates with xiaomi’s Mi Home app to allow certain functions such as scheduling the heating, adjusting the flow, temperature, fan, etc.

I’m unfamiliar with how xiaomi exposes devices on its API and whether or not this device is included, so it may take some investigation.

Mainly, I dream of the day I can ask google to wash my arse.

This reminds me of a very old joke where a man wakes up in hospital with a very sore groin. Last thing he remembers is using a fancy new automated toilet. It goes on a bit about how he pushed various buttons like SW which warmed the seat, WA and it wiped his a****. HA and it was dried by hot air. The trouble arose when he pushed the RT button, turned out it meant remove tampon!

I’m thinking of getting one :slight_smile:

Hopefully it will be supported, the other Xiaomi devices are supported already, but I guess it depends on who buys one and works it out.

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This is rootable via dustcloud apparently.

Has there been any luck with getting these connected?


I have this toilet. I need to connect it in Home Assistant.

The packet capture is encrypted.

Can you help me to add it?

I need to say Google Home to turn on it :wink:

Thank you! :wink:

My youtube channel:

Anyone know how to adapt this for Home Assistant?