Xiaomi wifi hubs and Home Assistant

I am currently using a great deal of Insteon devices and they work fairly well overall but the open/close door sensors are awful. They constantly disappear and I have to restart HA to get them available again. Did some searching around the HA forums and it seems that the Xiaomi Aquara open/close sensors are well liked so I’m trying to get an idea what hardware would be needed to integrate them. The sensors are being used for a diy alarm system in several outside storage buildings so distance from the HA server is definitely an issue. It’s about 150 feet through 3 or 4 plaster walls so I really doubt that a wireless signal from a USB dongle connected to the server is going to reach. I have fairly good wifi in the area around the buildings so was thinking that a zigbee wifi hub installed inside one of the buildings to control the sensors might be the answer. Would appreciate any recommendations for this hardware or other suggestions regarding the setup.