Xiaomi wifi sensors

I have Xiaomi door sensors and motion sensors, most of which were purchased 1-2 years ago. I have some sensors that are zigbee, while others are the wifi model. When I migrated over to HA, I currently use a conbee ii device and deconz to connect all my sensors together. The zigbee sensors work great, and the drop outs are infrequent and insignificant. The wifi sensors on the other hand, are not doing so well. I am experiencing frequent drop outs, sometimes for days or weeks at a time before coming back online. Sometimes I re-pair them, just to have them drop out again. Is there a better way to integrate these wifi sensors? Can they be integrated into HA directly (like other wifi xiaomi products, e.g. vacuum, humidifier etc) without the use of deconz? Could the issue be related to not assigning a DHCP reservation for these sensors (I’m at a loss at how I can find the MAC address of these sensors, and even looking at my router’s attached devices I’m unsure which sensor is which)? Any ideas?

Could very well be DHCP assigning a new IP address.

In a windows command prompt:

ping IP address of the device
arp -a

The MAC address will be listed next to the IP address. You will probably have to change the character used to separate each two hexadecimal digits though.

I can already obtain the IP and associated MAC address from my router’s settings, but is there any way to know which of the 10 sensors that particular MAC and IP address is?
Or is there a way I can add the sensor to my network and view the last connected IP?