Xiaomi wireless button (aqara hub))

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Hello there guys. I am new to home assistant. I have succesfully added aqara hub with all the devices using the integration via UI for HomeKit controller. Everything is fine, however, my wireless buttons (the ones with single, double, long press options) only show up as battery sensors: sensor.wireless_mini_switch_86c0_battery and there is no way for me to configure what the single or double or long press does. It should show up as binary.sensor and then I could configure automations and scripts based on clicks. Do you have any idea why it shows as a sensor and not as binary.sensor? Switch model is WXKG01LM. Thank you, any help is much appreciated.

I initially ran into this situation as well. I’m using deconz with the button paired directly with that but the same situation applies. A binary sensor isn’t created but instead the button presses fire events. I use node-red and watch for the event. I’m not exactly sure how that works when connected through the aqara hub but thought the info might narrow your searches.

To view the events you can always enable advanced tools in HA and go to the development page and choose the events tab. There you can type in for which integration you want to monitor the events.

Thank you for your help guys. As I understand, in order to install deconz and to be able to listen for its events, I would need a Conbee or Raspbee gateway from them? There is no way to listen for the event that fires when pressing the button on my current aqara hub?

Yes there is. The integration should have it’s own name to listen to it’s events. I think it is “xiaomi_aqara”.

But I need to install deconz first or not? Because to install I need an API and to get that I need to define my device in the config file of the integration.