XIAOMI WXKG01LM wireless switch becomes unavailable

My problem with said device is that I can pair it. It works… but only for a while… then it’s unreachable and won’t respond even if I try to trace it. After re-pairing it works again. I tried with several switches. RPI + Sonoff zigbee 3.0 usb dongle plus V2 + ZHA.

What should I do so that it doesn’t get stuck?

Sorry for the english.


I have exactly the same issue. Mi wireless switch with ZHA after some time just stops responding and does not respond to any actions.
Did you find a solution?

Same problem here.

I have the same switch but am using Zigbee2MQTT rather than ZHA and it has been working fine for me. Had it for months without it becoming unavailable.
How far away is your zigbee co-ordinator from it and is the battery level good? Mine is in the same room as my Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus and it been working well for me.
Maybe using a powered zigbee repeater/router may help.

I have the same issue as well. Except issues with pairing, which you can manage after few tries, it also disconnects from zigbee network after about 2 hours.
I’m connecting via Zigbee2MQTT, very close to coordinator (LQI 240), new battery (voltage/percentage at max) and it still drops out after some time.

Xiaomi changed the zigbee protocol to interact better with there needs, battery powered devices (end devices) have a difrent sleep timeout and then thy get kicked out of the network. The routes are also difrent calculated on xiaomi routers to end devices.


Well, just to add a small update to this, I’ve changed zigbee channel (from 11 to 20) on Z2M and it looks like it helped as I didn’t have a single disconnect in the past 24 hours.

Same problem here, did someone manage to find a solution ?