Xiaomi Xiaoai Alarm Clock

Hey everyone,

Any chance to feature connectivity between either the device itself to HA or the Xiaomi app so it can sync up alarms with automations?


looking for the same… would be very nice if the Mi Smart Alarm Clock could talk with HA.

https://www.zmiusa.com/pages/zmihome-sf-companion-ai-alarm-clock (english version)…:smiley:

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I second this, the device is real nice and can complement other xiaomi devices nicely.

Any update on this guys?

Since LaMetric (200$) seems to be the only supported smart clock, i would also love to see the integration of such a cheap smart clock.

Еще не запилили интеграцию этих часов в HA?

Would also like to have any alarm clock that is HA compatible in terms of getting a timestamp of the alarm for triggering automation in HA.

Did anyone in this thread had succes with other brands? Goal is very simple: A physical alarm clock that can be used as normal, but with HA in the background fetching its set alarm time.


Any news about integration?

Try AWTRIX, also has an mqtt and http API and very easy to integrate into HA; only with scripts and automation. You can set alarms by sending a “play soundfile” command and do many things more. It’s like a DIY LaMetric.

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The AWTRIX 2.0 project has been discontinued after more than 4 years now in August 2022.