Xioami gateway goes offline after homeassistant reboot

Hi everybody,
I have 4 xiaomi gateways, 2 are the latest version that also has the bluethoot while the other 2 are the old version (the older of the two did not need to be soldered to enable lan mode, while the other did).
For a few days every time I restart homeassistant the oldest gataway goes offline and is not recognized, I have to disconnect it and reconnect it to the socket every time and delete and restore the integration.
All the gateways are on the China server, but I can’t understand why the oldest one is no longer recognized on reboot.
Has it happened to any of you?
I haven’t updated its firmware for some time now, I have ver 1.4.1_175.0220

This is one of the reasons I switched to zigbee2mqtt. I found unplugging and replugging was the only thing that worked.