[xkcd] Bug Thread – The Reality of Software Engineering

Whenever you get annoyed about waiting for a bug fix, just remind yourself and have a chuckle:


xkcd: Bug Thread

Saw this. Reminded me of the DS18B20 bug thread on ESPHome issues - been going for quite a while now… :smiley:

There’s definitely something wrong with that component. I installed a couple of DS18B20s last week and am having no end of trouble. Meanwhile my hot water heat pump monitor on year old esphome firmware with sensors from the same batch is running perfectly.

They (Espressif) changed the timing somewhere about when that thread was created (a year ago?) and unless you have a good quality sensor with the correct resistor and good wiring it’s just pot luck.

I think from memory I am still using a custom component linked in that thread…

EDIT: I think 2022.11?