Xsky matter recessed lights HA integration

Hi, just bought the Xsky Smart Recessed Lighting 6 inch Color Changing Recessed Lights Matter Light. As I was having the hardest of times with the Tuya smart WIFi lights - a constant and never ending disconnect ( sooo frustrating!) So I bought 24 of these counting that they will be 1000 times more reliable!

But I am not seeing an Xsky integration on Home Assistant. They are matter compantible and since I got two sets of 12 - I will have two matter xsky hubs.

How would I integrate these into Home Assisant?




Install the matter server add-on, and the matter integration.

Thank you!

Were you ever able to get this working? I was able to add the wireless switch through zigbee but never able to get the matter gateway to work.

As it turns out, you don’t NEED the Matter integration and, in fact, it makes the entire configuration more difficult. Here are the steps for adding the lights using ZHA and Zigbee:

How to work with Home Assistant.

1. You don't need the Matter Gateway that's provided if you already have Zigbee in your HA installation.  But you MUST use ZHA and NOT Zigbee2MQTT.  See details later….
2. Download the LMK (Light Matter Kit) from FEIBIT on your iPhone or Android
3. Create a test harness that allows you to power one of the light boxes and lights.
4. Add the Switch to Home Assistant
	a. Go to ZHA and Add a Device
	b. Install the batteries in the wireless switch.  If this is the first time you've installed batteries, then the device will be in pairing mode and ZHA will detect and install it.   If it's not detected, then use the reset pin and reset the wireless switch by holding it down for 5 seconds and releasing
5. Now upgrade the firmware in the wireless switch 
	a. Start the LMK software and make sure your phone has Bluetooth turned on.
	b. Remove one of the batteries, wait 5 seconds and re-insert the battery.  The device will look for the LMK for about 10 seconds so it's important that the LMK is already running.
	c. When the LMK finds the switch, you will be offered a firmware upgrade.  If it says it's already updated then you're ready to go.
6. Upgrade the firmware in the light
	a. Start the LMK software and make sure your phone has Bluetooth turned on
	b. Apply power to the light
	c. The LMK should see the light within about 10 seconds and offer you an upgrade to the firmware.  Upgrade the firmware.
	d. Repeat for each light
7. Use the Switch to install the lights into ZHA
	a. You can either add each light after the firmware upgrade or upgrade the firmware in all of the lights and then go back and add them into HA.  I found it faster to do one light at a time and then set the light aside. 
	b. Set the switch in connection mode by pressing 4 short times and then one long time until it blinks slowly.  If the switch blinks quickly, then your firmware update didn't work.  Try again.
	c. Now apply power to one of the lights.  (You can do multiple lights at the same time but in my experience it never links to more than a couple at a time.)
	d. ZHA will "see" the light added through the switch and then add it to your configuration.
	e. You can either keep the randomly assigned light name or assign your own light names.  I chose to rename the lights, update the Area and enable all of the sensors that weren't enabled by default while I had each light plugged in.
	f. Repeat the process for each light.
8. Now you're ready to install the lights and they will all be recognized by HA.  A couple of other things to consider:
	a. If you break the lights into different groups then create a Group Helper and name the set of lights so they are easy to control as a unit
	b. I know there's a way to apply different effects to a set of lights but haven't figured out how to do that yet.  If someone knows, please add the directions to this thread!

I am about to buy these lights, they look like amazing value, really good price and a lot of functionality, I am just hesitant because is a generic brand and I saw a couple of very bad reviews

It took me a while to get them to work with Zigbee in Home Assistant. That’s why I documented the specific sets in an earlier post. If you follow the directions in that post you’ll have them all working in less than 2 hours. Most of the time is getting the power to the lights. :wink: