Yahoo calendar CalDav URL

Has anyone got yahoo CalDav to work with Home Assistant?
Yahoo lists only
as base URL.

I tried other variations like adding dav, dav. php and others but no luck

For anyone who may need this, I got it to work.

The Trick is to generate a one time App Password in your Yahoo Account under security option and use that password instead of your yahoo password. The entry in configuration.yaml:

  - platform: caldav
    username: [email protected]

Hey. Does this still works? The url you provided comes back 404.

Yep…no issues here

Can you provide your settings. Maybe my settings was incorrect. This is what I tried and I should see a binary_sensor.jcb_alliance, but I do not.

  - platform: caldav
    username: !secret yahoo_email
    password: !secret yahoo_app_pass
      - name: "JCB Alliance"
        calendar: "Others"
        search: "JCB Alliance"

try regenerating your yahoo app password