Yale Alarm UK integration

Hello fellow HA members,

I’ve recently connected my Yale Smart Alarm system to HA. It shows up on the dash I can Arm and Disarm which works. However like every member here we all like to personalise and confit further.

So wondering if anyone can help.

Id like to be able to Arm and Disarm the alarm but with a PIN code like I would on the physical pin pad.

Secondly I’d like to somehow connect my hive motion and door sensors to work with the Yale Alarm system so if it is armed and a door is opened or motion is detected the Yale alarm would detect intruder and alarm would sound.

Would love some feedback and advise.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Shabz / HA members,

Just reading this thread and seeing if you managed to get this working?

I’m just about to purchase a yale smart alarm for a couple of reasons:

  1. to protect my property (obviously :wink: )
  2. to use the Yale sensors to trigger different scenes i.e if the alarm is disarmed and the front door sensor has been triggered - play music and turn on kitchen lights.

Would be great to hear if this has been done or indeed possible.

Look forward to hearing from you

Hi Jack/Shabz,

I too would love to have pin entry for my yale alarm. I’ve tried to merge the code from the manual py script into my own custom component but it didnt work :frowning:

Any help would be very much appreciated