Yale assure

Anyone have the Yale assure SL or Yale smart deadbolt running in HA? Wondering whether to get the ZigBee or zwave network module also?

I just ordered up 3 Yale assure SL locks. Hoping to hear as well how they work with HA.

Awesome. Let me know buddy

I installed my first of two Yale Assure zwave locks. Paired with the Zooz S2 stick just fine as far as I can tell. Can lock/unlock/see stored codes/etc.

Been using SL Zwave. No problems. Aeotec Zstick

Have any of you noticed the “Node Config Options” show the incorrect “Config Value”? Here’s a screenshot of what I’m referring to from the Z-Wave config page:

In the above screenshot, it shows the “Config Value” set to “Off” when in actuality, it’s “On”. It’s the same way with several of the config options. Does the Z-Wave module not read/report the settings of the lock?

Have Yale assure yrd446 working with zigbee2mqtt. It does seem to chew through the battery though

Just curious if there’s any Yale Assure SL users here that have the “Node Configuration Options” that actually match what is set in their lock. See my post above. Most of mine don’t seem to match.

Was just trolling around here and saw your comment on the door lock chewing through batteries. I have a Schlage Z-wave lock that I previously used on a SmartThings hub. Now I am running Home Assistant with a Nortek USB stick on a Pi4. I have noticed that I seem to be chewing through batteries faster than I did with Smartthings on this lock and my Aeotec recessed Z-wave contact sensors. I remember reading something about “polling” but I have definitely not customized anything with that. Did you ever dig into this and solve why your lock was eating batteries?

There is a thread on GitHub about it. This however is for ZigBee and zigbee2mqtt integration. They required additional logs to look into the polling problem. They had fixed it with another version of the lock I think. I was a bit busy to provide all the needed information at the time.