Yale Connexis becoming unavailable

My Z-wave network became a bit flaky recently. Having purchased a couple more smart plugs, most of it seems to have become more reliable again, but 1 of my 3 Yale Connexis locks is still becoming unavailable from time to time. I have an Aeotec Smart Switch plug in the socket right next to the door, which seemed to be doing the trick until a few months ago.
I’ve just switched to Z-Wave JS UI, and this is the result of the Node Test.
Is this bad? The results seem pretty variable, but I’m not sure what to expect really.

(The lock in question is the Front Door Lock)

Hi Nick,

If you do a health check between your Front Door Lock and your Smart Switch 6, do you get a better result?

How do I do that? If I select Node 5 (the lock) in the network graph, and then select the Smart Switch as the target node in the dropdown, it tells me that Node 5 is FLiRS and can’t be used. The same happens if I select the Smart Switch in the graph and choose the lock in the Target Node dropdown.

Sorry I have no idea what this means! I have my plug set as a priority route for my extractor fan. If I click on the fan, and then choose the plug as the target node I get a good check result.

Have you set the Smart Switch 6 as a priority route for the Front Door Lock and also the Kitchen Door Lock?

Apparently (and I only know this from browsing on here this morning) FLiRS means it is a regularlyfrequently-listening rather than constantly listening device.

I haven’t changed any settings yet. I presumed the lock would have worked out the best route on its own by now, but I will try that.

I’ve done that, and will see if it helps, thanks.

What is the Failed line trying to tell me? That the route has at some point failed in the past? That something about the link has failed? The lock is alive at the moment, so presumably the link between the 2 hasn’t totally failed.

I’d presume the same with the failed line, I also have one of these;

Is your smart switch and your door lock added securely? You should be able to see this in the control panel.

My whole experience recently with Z-Wave is that it does not seem to “work out” things as well as my Zigbee network, but that may be entirely down to the number of devices.

All 3 locks are S2_AccessControl, everything else on the network is no security.
You have green dotted lines too! I don’t have those. #jealous

I’ve always found Zigbee to be much more reliable, despite posts on here saying Z-Wave is more robust, but I have lot more Zigbee devices, and only a few Z-wave.

:joy: I’m not sure what they are past the legend saying “Next last working route”. Have you tried a rebuild route on the devices you have set a priority route for? I would do one at a time, it takes an age, and often mine failed. Even when it has worked it has taken hours.

I’ve just realised, I think the large-dashed line is the last working route, the hyphen line is the next last working route, and the colour denotes the speed, green being 100kbit/s.
According to the legend.

Does your smart switch support being added in secure mode?

No idea. Would that help? Or be important?

From the little I have read, possibly. It creates less traffic on the network, and thus reduces the whole overhead. If your lock is trying to communicate with the controller more often that the device acting as a relay I can see how that may cause problems. In my complete lack of knowledge and understanding of Z-Wave, at least trying things like this outside of any other plausible solutions is worth it. If you look at the debug log in Z-Wave (you may have to turn this on in Z-Wave JS UI) there is a LOT of traffic going on.

I believe S0 security has a lot of overhead, but S2 and no security have little overhead.
Though this the blind leading the blind here!

:rofl: Indeed. I found this to be my experience in Z-Wave. I tried the discord group as well. Have you looked in the Z-Wave logs for anything that might stand out? As you may recall from my thread I got nothing other than the unhelpful “node is dead”.