Yale Doorman (Verisure)

Trying to get my Yale Doorman doorlock into HA but it does not work properly. I have the Verisure module and what I have done is that I put the following in configuration.yaml:

  Username: [email protected]
  Password: xxxxxxxx
  Locks: True
  Code_digits: 6

The entity appears in the overview as “Front door” and “Unlocked” so it’s good, but when I lock the door with the knob nothing happens in HA, it is still unlocked and when I try to lock via HA I get the following error as seen in the picture , it is trying to use the SMS feature that Verisure has.

The Verisure integration does not update immediately as it needs to poll the Verisure API. I think the default is 1 time per minute. So from you turn the knob on the door, until you can see it in HA, it can take around a minute.

I also noted that you entries in configuration.yaml start with a capital letter, normally everything in here should be with small letters. (I am not 100% sure if it makes a difference)


It dosen´t matter how long I wait, it wont update the info on HA, and I have small letters :slight_smile: just my iPhone that wantet to change to capital letters hehe.

I´m out of ideas now, it´s almost the same on my “volvo on call” integrations, some functions work and some dosen´t, for example: I can start the heater but if doors are locked or not won´t work at all.