Yale Keyfree z-wave module incorrectly recognised

I’m currently trying out HASS to migrate to from my existing system Indigo. I currently have a z-wave enabled Yale Keyfree lock (the one for multi-point locks with a keypad) and the original z-wave module which works perfectly with my existing system. When I pair the z-stick with HASS all my other z-wave devices work exactly as they should, but this one does not. It recognises it as a Yale ‘YDM3109 / YDM4109’ but after looking at the database I believe it should be seeing it as a ‘YKFCON’.

I’ve tried excluding it from the controller and adding it back in which has helped to an extent, so I can now lock the door… but that’s it. It doesn’t recognise any of the other parameters for setting pins or lock times, and it doesn’t reflect the status of the lock if it’s operated externally which Indigo can do.

Anyone have any thoughts on what could be causing this or steps I may be missing?

Actually looking at the database, I think P-KFCON-MOD-YALE matches the module. But either way it doesn’t seem to want to recognise it as either.

First a note to remember for the future. As a new Home Assistant person you probably wouldn’t know this. The term HASS means hate in German, so the Home Assistant Project has not used that anywhere a customer will see it for 4 or 5 years. There some internal code references that have not been converted yet and that gets fixed as things are edited.

Then to your question.
It is likely an issue in ZWaveJS where the definition is not available as of yet.
You would need to check with them to see if they are aware of the issue.

ZWaveJS Device Configuration Files