Yale Keyless Smart Lock + Z-Wave Module 2 + Keymaster

I think I managed to do via this sensor for my gen 1 lock

I’ve been looking at the alarm types myself but the problem with mine is they are always unknown.

Hopefully you can get yours working because yours showed up.

Yes, I got it working via trial and error. Note mine is V1 ( green )

27 is closed… below 26 onwards is open

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Did you notice its showing v1 on the alarm types section in the zwave js database.

Maybe this is only referring to the version 1 of the module.

I’ve recently spoken with @Alcalzone on discord and he’s got the lock working fine with HA have you had any luck yet?

Just an update I managed to get mine working fine now I had to change to zwave js ui then I was able to go into zwave settings and check the box increase node report timeout then I did a re interview of the lock and now all is working as it should and alarm values show aswell.
Hopefully this help’s others.

I am having the same problems - I installed js ui and have spent an age.
Can you advise where the checkbox is in Zwave js ui to increase node report timeout?

Just go into zwave settings in zwave js ui and tick the box increase node report time out then re interview your lock, that’s what worked for me.

I never saw such a check box. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. I disabled the basic zwave js then set up the ui, it found the lock but I never saw that option. Does this rely on using ui going forward?

It’s near the bottom right of the ‘zwave’ section of the settings area:

These settings affect how the Zwave provider in JSUI behaves. If you switch back to just plain JS - you’re using a different provider, the one built-in to HA, and therefore different settings.

OK thanks. Well I never saw that area but maybe I was in wrong place. Yes I suspected it would pointless switching back to plain JS - thankfully the plain JS eventually did pick it up. So i’m all sorted. Thanks for advice.