Yale lock ozw beta

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I’m wondering if anyone has gotten the Yale lock to work with the ozw beta. I was able to pair but have no control. I set network key. Paird with secure on. Any thoughts?

oh poop, I’m in the same boat as you then… I’ve got a yale connexis lock to install in a couple of weeks and literally just the other day I moved to the ozw beta integration. Funny because as far as my pir and smart sockets are concerned I’ve found ozw beta to handle them much better than the legacy zwave integration

I agree. I have really liked it so far. Just can’t Crack this Yale thing.

This weekend I was able to add my Yale lock to HA using the OpenZWave (beta) integration.

My lock is a Yale Assure Z-Wave Plus Key-less Touchscreen Lever Lock - YRL256-ZW2-619.

I have an Aeotec Z Stick Gen5+ connected to HA 0.116.4 using the official Docker image along with the latest openzwave/ozwdaemon image. I use eclipse-mosquitto for MQTT.

To perform a secure add node (this is a must) I had to go to Developer Tools, Services. I found the ozw.add_node service. I added the following Service Data: secure: True and pressed Call Service.

I put the lock in inclusion mode (I had it ready in “menu mode” to perform this quickly). I traced ozw MQTT messages to watch the inclusion process:

mosquitto_sub -d -t 'OpenZWave/#'

It took a few seconds and it appeared as “Unknown: type=800c, id=0f00”.

I renamed it and tested by wirelessly locking and unlocking, and detecting manual lock/unlock.

I of course made the mistake of installing the lock first, which meant I had to temporarily relocate my HA server near the lock for inclusion :slight_smile:

Make sure you do a remove node if you had it associated previously. I didn’t have to, but a factory reset is probably best before secure inclusion.

The lock generally works great and my family is happy with it so far.