Yale Real living Lock YRL220 always says closed

I am getting a little motivated and after having left my door open for a week Thought about adding an automation to help me. Trouble is while the lock is doing good with lock and unlock. and battery strength the door status always says “open”. Probably a broken sensor. where ever it is but who knows

This is a great story.

I loved the surprise ending that was completely opposite of the title.

But, if you want some help on it, you probably want to show us some code that is being used.

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No real code . the device is just providing wrong status. (I got it backwards so I am a horrible proof reader ). that is why I said probably sensor. I imagine the door latch is the sensor.

Only a few Z-Wave locks on the market include a door open/close sensor. You would have installed it manually if it was included. Did you install it? Consult your user manual if in doubt. No, the door latch is not the same as the door open/close sensor.

Most locks don’t support any door sensor. Some versions of the Z-Wave specification don’t allow the Z-Wave driver to determine if a door sensor is supported or not, so it has no choice but to provide one. The driver does not have any product specific code to disable this. So if your lock does not actually support a door sensor, you can just disable the entity.

It was a Z wave option. I was hoing Thanks!!

Examples of these are the August Smart Lock Pro and the Ultraloq U-Bolt. I’m not familiar with any others. Both of these locks have surface or flush mount magnets that are installed on the door frame.