Yale Unity, Yale Keyboard and BT Proxy fight


I have a situation here where my Yale Screen Door lock is having conflicts with HA BT Integration.
I have Yale Unity Screen Door lock with keyboard and I have Yale Bridge (new version that supports 5Ghz and multiple devices).
The lock was succesfully discovered by ESP BT Proxy and, once the security key was obtained, I was able to manage it from HA.
However every time when I use Yale Bridge (controlling/checking the lock from my mobile phone over the internet) - HA integration stopps working. I am 99% sure it happens because Yale Bridge changes the secret so I had to reload HA to let Yale cloud integration to obtain new key.
I could live with that using HA only to control the lock but I also have a Yale keyboard. Looks like it uses Bluetooth too to talk to the lock and this action also changes security key. Unfortunately I can’t avoid using keyboard.

I pretty much gave up using BT Proxy and moved to Yale cloud completely but there is another problem - quite often it does not update the lock and door states. HA still shows me the door as opened/unlocked despite being otherwise.
Hovewer once I open the Yale app on the phone - the app shows correct status and HA updates its status as well. Looks like the app can somehow ‘ping’ the Yale system or request a status update but Yale cloud integration can’t do that.

Sorry for the long post so here are my two questions here:

  1. Can that conflict problem be somehow resolved? So I could use the keyboard, bridge AND Yale BT integration at the same time? Does anybody have similar situation?

  2. If the answer to the first question is “NO”, then is it possible to make Yale Cloud integration to request a status update, the same way as what Yale native app does on my phone?

  3. And the last one - is it possible to use some kind of BT sniffer to actually sniff status update that the lock sends to its bridge WITHOUT sending any commands that may mess up with security keys?

Thank you!